Strengthening of social and health protection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mapping of ICT resources of primary and secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the central activities of the Reimagine Education component within the project “Strengthening Social and Health Protection in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, which UNICEF in BIH implements with the support of USAID. The mapping has been implemented in partnership with ministries of education, with the aim of resources and needs assessment of schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in light of Education for the 21st Century.

2061 Number of Schools
415289 Number of Students
9.84 Mbit/s Download speed (national)
0.83 Mbit/s Upload speed (national)
National average
0.055 # of computers per student
0.82 OECD Standard
Stats based on filters applied: Schools | Students | Median download speed | Median upload speed
Administrative regions
Education level
Financing model
Internet connectivity
Equipment rate
School Name Administrative Region Education Level # of Students # of Students with Disabilities # of Teachers Download Speed Upload Speed Equipment